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My Story

In my fifties and divorced, I met a charming, sociable and funny man who was a talented semi-professional musician. Like many musicians he drank a lot. He was such a contrast to my first husband who was reliable, dependable and strong. I then discovered a whole new life for which I was completely unprepared and my life was turned upside down.


I realised too late that my partner, who became my husband, had a drink problem that was completely outside my sphere of knowledge or experience. I didn't even realise he was alcohol dependent. I made ALL the mistakes that partners of alcoholics do and whatever I tried I couldn't help him.


Eventually, things came to a head and he did something that was not only abhorrent but was illegal. He had crossed my line and I had reached my tipping point. I divorced him.


I had to make drastic changes to me, my attitude and my life and I started on a journey which eventually brought me happiness, contentment and success - things I had only dreamed of. 


Since then, I have used my knowledge and experience to help others who have found themselves in a similar situation.

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