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  • Jacqui Rosser

New Year,New You

How do you feel about the New Year? Do you feel happy, sad, uncertain, positive? It’s certainly that time of year when we are expected to feel ready for a new start and prepared to put some effort into becoming a better, slimmer, healthier and more motivated person. Facebook is full of inspirational quotes telling us how to be a better person.

I have no issue with that and we all need something or someone to inspire us and get us motivated. Here’s the thing though. Don’t you sometimes just wish they would all go away because they simply do not understand or know how YOU are feeling?

I remember almost every New Year’s Eve when I was with my partner. Do you remember them too? I truly wanted the forthcoming year to be different. To be positive. To be stress-free. To be alcohol free. It never was though. I began dreading New Year’s Eve because I knew life would not be any different, or so I thought. BUT, it did change and although life is far from perfect, it’s a life that now belongs to me, I can control it and I'm happy with it. A far cry from when I was living with my alcoholic.

I’m not going to bombard you with ‘inspirational’ quotes, however, I want to remind you that there’s no longer a need to be afraid of the future, that you can have the life you want. Let go of the past and start working towards that brilliant future you know you deserve.

This is your year to shine - you just have to polish your halo, dust your invitation list and scrub up your charisma. Here’s to a brilliant 2016

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