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  • Jacqui Rosser

Is swearing ever ok?

Do you ever get frustrated and angry? Do you curse and swear? I was watching a video of Tony Robbins recently, and he stated how using bad language and swearing at someone can really shift their thinking. Many years ago I was managing a small training team. We operated from a small training centre in a pretty run down part of town. Theft was a big problem in the area which was why I asked my team to make sure that all training room doors were locked when they weren’t there. I had repeated this message several times. One day, I went into the training centre only to find the doors were unlocked. We had several laptops and other valuable pieces of equipment in there so I was furious. I decided to teach the guys responsible, a lesson. I hid their bags, the laptops and other portable valuables in a cupboard and then I went back to my office in the other building. A while later, after lunch, I sauntered over when I knew they would be back. I could see they looked anxious, but they said nothing. I asked if there was a problem and they explained that some things were missing. I asked them if the door had been locked. They replied that it hadn’t. I said no more and let them search and sweat. I even offered to call the police. They continued searching, all the while knowing that their classes should be starting soon, but couldn’t as they had no equipment. After a while, I called them, took them to the cupboard and revealed everything that was missing. I then let rip. “Don’t you ever leave the f*****g door open ever again or the loss will come out of your wages” They never forgot that message. Not only do I look as if nothing profane would ever come out of my mouth, I am also a pretty easy going sort person. Sometimes, we just have to do something different to effect a change.

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